My Classes

Since I have been with Everest I have taken so many different courses.  And they all will lend me to my degree!




Here is a list of the classes I have taken since 2012


Computer Applications

Strategies for Success

Career Skills

Composition I

Composition II

Introduction to American Literature

Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communications

Principles of Sociology

General Psychology

College Algebra

Environmental Science

Basic Critical Thinking

Introduction to Criminal Justice


Criminal Evidence

Criminal Procedures and the Constitution

Criminal Investigations

Criminal Justice Communications

Policing in America


I will be working on my last term starting April 14th, 2014 and then I will be heading to graduation.

Here is what my last four classes will be before I graduate.

Apply Business Law

Career Choices in Criminal Justice

Juvenile Justice

Introduction to Terrorism


Then I plan on taking a little break before I go into getting my Bachelors degree for Criminal Justice…I know it is a lot of classes but trust me it is worth the wait. And I never gave up on my goal.

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