7 When I first had decided to change my career from nursing to a crime scene investigator, it was a long process but I was determined to get a degree in this field and go for my goal.

I had a friend who was already attending Everest and she was also going for a degree in Criminal Justice and she had given me the information to the school so that I can get started on things. I first didn’t want to do it because I didn’t think that I was good enough to even get this kind of degree. But after some thought and talking with my boys and friends I made the call to Everest and I began my long journey to where I am today. I started with Everest back in 2012 and it has been a wonderful experiences.  I have not let no one or anything get in my way of getting what I have so much wanted for a long time now.


Everest University Online has been an amazing school….they are there to help you succeed in ever way possible….I have some great instructors and some great classmates that have given me some wonderful advice on how to make my career go far.  I owe a big Thank You to the student advisers at Everest for helping me to understand never to give up and always do my best in all the classes I take. It has been two years since I first started my schooling with them and my two year degree is coming to an end in July. I can then say that I am a crime scene investigator for the state of Missouri.

I am looking so forward to receiving that diploma and that C.S.I. badge…..I have worked so hard to come this far and just in a short time from now I can officially say I am a C.S.I. agent.

Looking forward to having the real thing

Looking forward to having the real thing


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