How to Determine a Website’s Credibility – 4 Tips

Tips to assure accurate Credibility

Everest Online Student Blog

When conducting research on the web, how can you really be sure what you’re reading is accurate?

This is an important question to consider especially when researching the web for a school project or essay.So here are four questions to ask yourself to help you determine a website’s credibility:

Who is the Author?
Find out who authored the content.Once you determine who developed the content, you can then think about any biases they might have toward the content they are producing.

Who do they link to?
It’s easier to trust a website if they link to credible sources to back up their work.If the website is linking to websites filled with ads, be wary of the content.Authority websites should link to other trusted websites.

Is the website filled with errors?
Spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and broken links are a sure sign that something fishy is going…

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